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“There’s a difference between a local Sheet Plant and a local Pratt Sheet Plant. When you think of a Sheet Plant, you may think of great service, but can they handle all of your business? A Pratt Sheet Plant can because they are connected to their mills and capable of doing anything their corrugators or specialty divisions can do. Yet they still feel like a Mom and Pop Shop that’s made for its customers.”

— Harold Strachan, JVC


Mill Connected… Corrugator Capable…
Designed for Customers.

Pratt’s Sheet Plant Division has an ever-expanding network of more than 25 facilities throughout the United States and Mexico, converting sheets supplied from our 12 corrugating plants into the industry’s best and most environmentally-friendly packaging. All use Pratt’s high-performance 100% recycled paper manufactured at our three paper mills which comprise the most technologically-advanced mill system in North America.

The Sheet Plant Division’s vertically integrated supply system and geographic footprint allows Pratt Industries to provide regional and local customers with personalized, localized account representation and customer service.